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What we offer our clients

We have the capability to provide custom solutions to fit your organisation’s needs, whilst guaranteeing security and compliance at the highest level.

Asset Reporting

Once your IT equipment has been collected and processed you will be issued a detailed electronic asset report and data destruction certificate. Where required our skilled technicians can complete a full asset audit on your site before transporting the equipment. We provide comprehensive reports at every stage of the operation for transparency and peace of mind.

Data Destruction

We use best-in-class sanitisation technologies, to ensure that all data is irrecoverable. Our fail-safe method results in physical destruction of the data bearing components, should the asset be unsuitable for secure erasure. On-site destruction services are available where required.


Our skilled technicians maximise the reuse potential of your redundant IT assets through upgrades and repair. This minimises the volume of waste and helps to offset processing costs. Due to the volume of electronic equipment we receive, we maintain a large catalogue of components enabling us to give a new lease of life to defective or outdated IT.

How we can help you

Highest Level of Security

Complete peace of mind

From the moment we collect your redundant equipment, data security is our priority!

  • We are certified to ADISA Standard 8.0 which is endorsed by the ICO, and we hold the highest possible level; Dial 3 Distinction, guaranteeing the best data security and service in the industry.
  • Several times a year ADISA conducts unannounced process and security audits to ensure that we maintain their rigorous standards with consistency.
  • We use best in class software solutions for hard disks and solid state drives, as well as iOS and Android devices. We also use industry leading Destruction solutions for all media types so you can be confident that your data will be completely and irrecoverably destroyed.
  • SC Security Clearance data collection and processing staff available upon request.
  • Our modern fleet of vehicles are alarmed and actively GPS satellite tracked.
  • Our processing facility is protected by 24 hour alarm monitoring, comprehensive HD camera surveillance and secure access controlled entrance and exits.
  • If you require data destruction on-site, prior to equipment removal, we are able to provide this service in addition to complete asset tracking using our unique asset management software and portable sanitisation equipment.

Carbon offsetting

Environmental targets met

Achieving carbon neutral status is at the forefront of all organisation responsibilities worldwide. We can provide an annual report outlining the volume of IT equipment, together with categories defining re-use and recycle statistics for an organisation. This will support carbon off-setting to achieve net zero.

GDPR Compliance

Data Protection Legislation

Blackmore has been involved in data destruction and secure IT asset disposal for over 25 years. We ensure that all IT equipment is disposed of safely and securely in line with the Data Protection Act 2018 and UK GDPR.

Our ADISA 8.0 certification is endorsed by the ICO as part of their recognised GDPR Certification Schemes, the only standard of it’s kind controlling end-of-life processing of data bearing assets.

Maximising value from your assets

Zero landfill circular economy

We aim to reuse as much equipment as possible in it’s complete form.  However this isn’t always possible, so we have perfected our processes in order to recover the maximum amount of reusable components from the IT and WEEE equipment we collect.

Our expertise in both whole equipment reuse and individual component resale enables us to continually provide the highest standards of data destruction and security; without the need to compromise in order to remain competitive.

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