About us

Industry Leading Compliance

Certified at the highest standard in the country

Our data destruction, WEEE recycling and management systems are certified and monitored at the very highest level, so our clients have complete peace of mind. We are one of only a few companies in the UK to be certified DIAL 3 with Distinction to ADISA Standard 8.0, guaranteeing the highest security.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Carbon Offsetting & Environmental Targets

The services we offer our clients support off-setting against their carbon neutral targets through the re-use of their redundant equipment and components. Every new device produced creates emissions and consumes valuable resources, whereas supporting a circular economy reduces this impact on the environment. Within our facility we use a 100% renewable electricity supplier and constantly strive to improve efficiency and reduce consumption. Our modern fleet of vehicles are ULEZ compliant.

Charitable Work &
Community Support

We are committed to supporting disadvantaged communities both locally and internationally. SKSN (www.sksn.org) is a charity based in Rajasthan, providing secondary education and care for physically challenged young people. Our founder Simon has been visiting the school since 2017, delivering refurbished IT equipment and volunteering his time within the school community. We also donate equipment to local charities and projects to support our community.

Blackmore through the years

Since the beginning Blackmore has been at the forefront of tackling WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) and ensuring that sensitive data and the environment are protected.


Blackmore gains ADISA DIAL 3

Blackmore achieved the highest certification with ADISA for our IT asset collection and disposal services.

ICT Asset Recovery Standard 8.0 DIAL 3 with Distinction.

This certification means we can support clients who have the strictest demands for the secure sanitisation of their sensitive data.


Rebrand back to Blackmore

Blackmore IT logo

Blackmore rebranded back to the original name with a new logo and carried out refurbishments to the Chitterne site and offices. The site now has a streamlined office team, and the highest data security operations in the country.


Acquired Ricotech Limited

blackmore ricotech logo

Blackmore Computers Limited acquired Ricotech Limited and became “Blackmore Ricotech”. Ricotech brought ADISA certification and new software capabilities to Blackmore’s offering.


Acquired BluSkye Industries Ltd

bluskye logo

Blackmore acquired BluSkye Industries Ltd who relocated to the Chitterne Facility. BluSkye specialised in non-IT WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) reuse and recycling which enabled Blackmore to manage all 14 categories of WEEE, becoming a one stop solution for all electronic waste.


New WEEE regulations

The 2006 WEEE regulations meant companies had more responsibility in minimising the impact of electrical and electronic goods on the environment, by increasing re-use and recycling and reducing the amount of WEEE going to landfill. Blackmore was now well established in the industry to assist companies with this regulation and provide a data secure and professional service.


Moved to Chitterne Dairy

The company moved to the approved authorised treatment facility it still occupies today. It was transformed from an old milk dairy building to a data secure waste recycling and refurbishment facility.



Simon Barfoot founded Blackmore Computers Ltd. He grew the company with sustainable principles and wanting to reduce electronic waste and encourage the refurbishment of devices.

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