Blackmore UK on CWP net zero documentary

Blackmore UK feature in the documentary Net Zero: A Digital Journey

We’re proud to have contributed to the fantastic work of BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT and Content With Purpose in their ‘Net Zero: A Digital Journey’ which discusses how organisations at all stages of technology industries, as well as individuals who rely on tech as part of their daily lives should be focused on Net Zero targets.

IT hardware manufacture and use represents a significant potential environmental cost, but can also be leveraged to provide the solutions to questions around efficiency.

Blackmore UK are a piece of the puzzle, supporting the reuse of IT hardware and minimising the need for new equipment to be manufactured and by reducing energy hungry recycling processes being applied to redundant IT assets through their refurbishment and returning them to service. We can achieve this with our ADISA DIAL 3 Certified processing, meaning your data protection obligations are not compromised along the way.

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